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We handle any and all types of auto work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about any auto body shop services you may need.


Collision Repair

If you have ever looked for auto body collision repair near me, then you probably know just how many options you have out there in the area. We offer a wide array of expert services specifically because we want to be your one-stop-shop for all things auto collision repair. Out of all the auto body shops and car paint shops, we strive to be the best of the best. Inside this shop, you will find the most professional of collision repair experts who can perform every bit of your car’s reconstruction right here in our very own bodyshop.
We can take your car from a broken down vehicle after an accident and return it to all its former glory by having everything looking like it did the day you bought it. We replace everything that needs it and we repair everything else in order to save you the most money. Also, in the case of collision repair, we can work with your insurance company so all you pay is your deductible straight to them and not a penny to us because your insurance covers our costs for even your most complex car repair near me. This saves you from having to deal with many headaches and plenty of unnecessary stress too from all the various aspects that go along with repairing your car after an accident has taken place that many other auto shops near me may put you through.
Our top-notch professional precision auto body experts know exactly how to approach any post-accident vehicle and begin the process of applying only the right auto body repair techniques to each section in the correct order so that everything fits just right and lines up the way it was before the accident took place. The speed at which we operate to return your car to you will have you shocked because we make sure you are only without your vehicle for as little amount of time as is possible. We know it can be frustrating to be without a car or using a loaner vehicle. That is why we work hard to bring your car back to life with a speedy repair and replace service that will have you back behind your wheel in no time.

Auto Body Repair

When it comes to an auto body shop, we are one of the best there is. The services we offer set us apart from other auto repair shops near me because we have the experience, tools, equipment, and parts ordering connections to restore your vehicle to factory condition from the majority of accidents. In fact, we order all our parts either straight from factory suppliers or from our dedicated auto store supplier. Both of which supply only the best factory spec parts that are made for the car manufacturers directly whenever possible.
This is just the beginning when it comes to the precision auto body services we provide. Our staff has more experience in repairing post-accident vehicles than many other body shop's employees. Feel free to compare us to other auto repair shops. We are highly confident that you will only find our claims of exceptional professional services are true and accurate. This is especially true when it comes to our autobody collision center who is the best of the best when it comes to restoring vehicles to like-new conditions after they experience damage of any sort. Whether that damage comes from an accident, a natural disaster even of some sort, or any people-caused damage, we can fix it and have seen it before.
The next time you need to find an auto body collision repair near me you should give us a call. We can take a look at your vehicle and supply you with a fair estimate for your insurance’s approval. Then, as soon as they give you the green light we will immediately begin working to repair and restore your vehicle to the way it was before whatever problem you encountered or auto collision incident occurred. Whenever you have the negative occasion of experiencing an auto collision near me, we will be there right by your side to walk you through every step in the process of returning your car to exactly how it was before that happened. This is one of the ways we specialize in auto collision problems.
We are a BMW collision center and are the ideal auto body shop for many other vehicle types too. We are also one of the best auto body shops in Queens, NY, and have a reputation to match this claim. Ask around and you will not find another auto body shop in Queens that does everything that we do with the same speed and precision as us.

Windshield Repair

When it comes to finding an auto glass repair Queens, NY, we are at your service. This is because we are not only the best auto body shop in Queens, but we also have a top-notch service for auto glass in Queens. Whether you just need a chip repaired or need an entirely new windshield, we are the service that can manage it all. Do you have a small wing or side window broken? No problem, we can help with that too.
No problem is too big or too small for us, or even too obscure for us either. Those specialty windows that other companies avoid or refuse to handle are all jobs that we will do happily and competently. Any auto glass repair Queens, NY needs we are there for and are ready to tackle every auto glass job in Queens and the surrounding boroughs too. So, anytime you need to find someone who does auto glass Queens, we will be there to lend a helping hand and complete your glass job no matter what it may be.

Paint Repair

The next time you go searching for someone to paint my car near me, just brink them straight to the best car repair shop near me to have the work complete. We will great you with a smile and a courteous conversation about what you need to have done to your car, truck, or ban. You could shop around to all the paint shops near me and not find anyone with a better mobile auto body repair business. Our business is one of the best auto body shops New York has to offer and our auto body shop New York is always here to serve any needs you may have. Whether that is an accident or any other type of body damage your vehicle experienced, you should bring it in to our Queens auto repair center for any mobile auto body service necessary to restore your automobile to like-new condition.


In our repair shop near me, we do frame shop near me types of work like welding of any auto parts that may require it. So, if you are looking for a Queens village auto body shop to do some Queens auto services such as welding repair work, then your search is over because we offer that exact Queens auto service. Of all the auto body shops in New York, we are unique. Also, of all the body shops in Queens, we offer the widest variety of services that you will find out of almost all body shop NY and welding is just one of those many services that we offer for repairing your vehicle.
When you need some welding done and begin to look through all the body shop locations NYC, we sincerely hope you give us a call and let us get the opportunity to return your vehicle to its original factory condition where we can make it like new again. For any auto body shop in Queens, we are the best there is at repairing any part of your vehicle's bodywork and that includes any welding that needs to be done to restore your vehicle to exactly how it was before the damage that we are fixing occurred. So, the next time you need to find a village auto body shop or find Geico repair shops, then look no further because you have found all the auto body services you may need here in our Queens auto body shop.

Color Matching

Our auto paint near me services are some of the best there is and any auto painting near me should be brought into the shop for quality car painting near me. If you need a car paint job, then you should go ahead and bring your vehicle into the car paint shop we have ready to service your car, truck, or van at any time. We operate the best auto paint shop near me and of all the car paint shops near me, ours is a top competitor when compared side by side with the others around here.
Anyone who needs to have some paint near me completed for their automobile would be wise to bring it to our car shop near me to have the work completed. This is just another one of the amazing services offered at this particular shop and you will be hard-pressed to find another shop that offers all the amazing services that we do all packed into one single place. We set it up this way so that we can take an accident damaged vehicle from broken to brand new without any need to transport more than a few feet at a time during the restoration process. Of all the body shops in Queens, we are one of the few who can offer such a wide array of services and can even perform things such as paintless dent repair Queens NY.

Rim Repair

We also offer rim repair for all those looking for auto body shops near me for someone to repair a dinged, dented, or scratched rim. If you have driven on a flat in an emergency situation, then you probably need some repair work done to your rims because they will have deformed under that extreme pressure. Also, if you have nice rims and you bumped or kissed the curb while parking, then you may have a small imperfection that needs to be polished out. These are both services that we can offer you.
So, for those of you who have recently been looking for a body shop near me for some rim repair work, you do not have to look any further. Rim repair near me is a service that we offer to our clients, and it is one of the expert services that we offer that set us apart from the competition. Repair shops near me do not all offer a rim repair service, but we do, and it makes us a unique car body shop.
The rim servicing we offer as car damage repair near me in our auto body shop in Queens NY is a rare service for auto detailing Queens NY or even just for any body shop Queens NY. So, it is not just collision repair near me that we do in our auto repair shop near me. We also offer wheel repair near me in our collision center near me as part of our dent repair near me services. You can search through all of the automotive shops near me and all the car repair shops near me and not find any other car repair shops that offer all of the services that we do.

we offer free Towing on All Auto Collision Calls!

We offer an immediate 24 hour towing service for all auto collision calls. If you are in an emergency please don’t hesitate to call now!

About Us

When you happen to experience the unfortunate instance of a collision accident while in your vehicle, there are many things that you should do. Once you open the list of what needs to be done after an automobile accident occurs, it rolls out to your feet. That list can seem extremely daunting, but it all starts with finding a great auto body shop near me. In order to pick out the greatest car repair near me, one must first figure out what types of services that a shop offers The variety of services reflects a reservoir of experience and skill that can be used to supply all the things the repair shop should. Those services that a great auto repair shop should provide include a precision collision center, perfect paint shop/paint store that includes color matching, awesome auto body repair, wonderful windshield repair, robust rim repair, and some worthy welding work.

If you are looking for an auto body shop in Queens, NY, then look no further cause this is the car repair shop you have been seeking that offers all of these incredible services. This Queens auto body shop can take your car from a state of post-collision mess and restore it to all its original glory using their many auto tech collision specialists all working together to put your car back into factory shape.

We are at the top of the most professional detailing car shop Queens has to offer and out of all the auto body shops New York has as well. If you need a mobile car body repair service, then that is something we can offer to you in your time of need. There is no need to worry once you become aware of and familiar with all the amazing services we have to offer. We are in the lead for the best auto repair shops in Queens, NY, and also in the lead when you compare us to all the auto body shops New York has available today.

Our services list for the best body shop near me includes so many different services that when combined they make us the best auto shop near me for restoring your damaged vehicle and returning it to the way it was before the accident or other damage occurred. So, when you go looking around for the best body shops near me, make sure you stop in and check out our amazing collision repair center that offers such a wide array of services that it is hard for any of the body shops near me to compete with what we have available for you right now.

When you require any sort of auto body repair near me keep our shop in mind because we are the best of the best when it comes to auto body repair shops near me. Not only that, with everything we offer from collision repair to welding and from windshield replacement to paint jobs, but we are also the top car body shop near me to handle all of your automobile needs.